What is the difference between a medical facial and a spa facial?

In a nutshell a medical facial is more of a high performance facial and is results driven! We look at the skins epidermis to work on corrections and to achieve results. Clinical peels are the application of exfoliating agents to the skin to obtain first, disruption of the skins barrier and then regeneration.

Clinical peels result in renewal with the reduction of:

  • Sun damage
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Diffused redness and vascularity
  • Problem skin lesions
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Superficial depressed scars
  • Thickened hypertrophic skin
  • Poor size

A spa facial is more of a relaxing, destressing experience and targets your senses and not so results driven. If you are wanting a facial without any skin disruption then a spa facial is more suitable for you! Think candles burning, relaxing music, dark room and no talking.


How is a medical facial better than a spa facial?

A medical facial doesn’t necessarily mean its better than a spa facial it entirely depends on what you as an individual want to achieve at that time.

If you are wanting more rejuvenation then I would suggest a medical facial as you are targeting the epidermis and wanting to remove that crusty old flaky looking skin to become more dewy and hydrated again.

If you are wanting to completing unwind and destress with very little client and therapist conversation then go for a spa experience!


Can my skin really get healthier from a medical facial?

ABSOLUTELY! With a tailored programme of clinical facials depending on what your wanting to achieve and a great homecare regime you should achieve a much healthier skin barrier and skin cell regeneration. You will work with your skin care therapist to design a programme that works for you and your lifestyle.

Are medical facials tailored to treat specific skin problems? How?

Yes, all medical facials are tailored to target various skin conditions from *sun damage *Hyperpigmentation *Diffused redness and vascularity *Problem skin lesions *Fine lines and wrinkles *Superficial depressed scars *Thickened hypertrophic skin *Poor size * acne.

Aspect Dr facials work on peel depths, so they target the stratum corneum which is the very top layer of the skin and this is where we use Lactobotanical Peels, the Stratum Granulosum and Stratum Spinosa is the middle part of the skins layer and we use Lactobotanical and Salicylic Peels to go that little bit deeper. The deepest layer is called the Dermis so we need to use Salicylic and Vitamin a Peels for this layer. This is where we want to stimulate the Collagen and Elastin fibres and try to regenerate them.

Can a medical facial treat the following skin problems?

  • Acne-prone skin
  • Oily and greasy skin
  • Dry skin
  • Loose skin
  • Grey-toned skin
  • Loose skin
  • Rosacea
  • Excessive wrinkles

All our facials can treat most of the above skin conditions but as far as loose skin goes depending on how loose it is you may need some assistance with medical intervention and this may be anything from injectables to a complete face lift. A skin consultation with your therapist can discuss what most bothers you about your skin then design a skin care regime to suit.


I have very sensitive skin. Are there any risks or side effects with a medical facial?

I hear people say all the time I have sensitive skin, most of the time these clients have used a product and quite often a very expensive product as it is a very exclusive brand that they have bought over the counter at a department store or chemist and have been advised by a really awesome sales person who has been trained to SELL and knows absolutely nothing about skin. Most of the time these products and brands or company’s have no understanding or training of skin histology and treating skin conditions.

Like anything we do there can be risks and side effects, all our clients must fill out a very comprehensive consent form. Medications and illness can play a role in what is happening with the skin and can react with certain ingredients so it is very important too disclose everything so we don’t have any issues when we prescribe your skincare regime.


How many facials do I require before I will see results?

Once you have met with your skin care therapist and had a skin consultation to determine what your main concerns are and what results you are wanting to achieve we will then decide what course of action we take, whether it be a monthly facial or possibly a weekly course of 6-8 this is all dependant on what results we are after and what suits the individual person. Each client has their very own regime designed for there specific needs and outcomes, both therapist and client work together to achieve that healthy looking skin!


What kind of aftercare routine do you recommend after a facial?

Depending on the facial will depend on after care, all clients will be advised at the consultation stage what the best homecare regime is for them we have a great range of Aspect Dr products that work in conjunction with the clinical treatments and product, these have been designed so we can achieve optimum results for each individual client. It is very important to use what is recommended as we have a full understanding of the ingredient base in all the products, problems will occur when clients try to use other brands without any knowledge of what the ingredient base is hence why we don’t recommend other brands.

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