Are You Iron Deficient?

An IV Iron infusion is so important! Iron (Fe) deficiency is one of the most common nutritional deficiencies in Australia.

If you have a deficiency, it means you have low levels of essential minerals in your body. For example, the body needs iron to make haemoglobin, which carries oxygen through the blood to all the cells in your body. The body cannot make the ferric mineral on its own.
If your iron or haemoglobin is low, you may feel unusually tired and have difficulties concentrating and function normally. Very low levels of ferric minerals can lead to a condition called anaemia.

If you have been diagnosed with an iron deficiency, your doctor might recommend an intravenous iron infusion in Melbourne to bring your ferric levels back to normal.


What is an IV iron infusion?

Iron Infusion clinic MelbourneAn IV iron infusion is a simple procedure performed in our consulting rooms by our Registered Nurse Nicole Starbuck-Connelly. Nicole has 20 years of nursing experience and will make you feel comfortable throughout your journey.

It involves a needle being placed into a vein in your arm or hand for the intravenous drip solution (Ferric Carboxymaltose and saline) to infuse into your bloodstream. Your appointment will take about 30 minutes in total. At your appointment, you will be fully consented for the procedure and have everything explained to you. It is a simple and straightforward procedure. We have performed more than 1600 procedures and remain the best place to get your iron infusion in Melbourne done. All our patients are sent a questionnaire about their experience one week after their treatment.

At Moonee Valley Specialist Centre, we use a type of IV iron infusion called Ferinject (Ferric Carboxymaltose).

Why do I need an IV Iron Infusion?

An IV iron infusion is used when a patient has had lab work done that proves Fe deficiency and/or anaemia. Sometimes this is attributed to excessive bleeding or other reasons. Ferinject is a type of intravenous drip that can be given over 15-20 minutes in our consulting rooms, saving time for the patient.

Getting an iron infusion in Melbourne at our clinic can be an important way for you to offset a nutritional deficiency. The human body needs iron to produce haemoglobin, the part of our red blood cells that help transport oxygen around the body.

An IV iron infusion for low iron can prove to be essential for supporting your energy levels, the strength of your muscles, and the function of your mental faculties.

Many people search for “iron transfusion near me” because they have been diagnosed with a deficiency by their doctor following a lab test. This is a common misconception as the term should be “iron infusion near me”. A transfusion, e.g. blood transfusion, is the addition of the same substance from an external source into the bloodstream. An infusion refers to an outside substance from an external source administered into the bloodstream.
For many, an iv iron infusion is a means to resolve the unexplained tiredness they feel throughout the day despite not exerting themselves.

An intravenous drip may be the best way for you to combat your iron deficiency, especially if oral supplements or dietary adjustments are not practical or possible as remedies.

Iron infusion preparation

Luckily, not much is required when it comes to preparing for your IV iron infusion.

  • Eat normally; there is no need to fast.
  • Take all your regular medications as per usual.
  • Prepare yourself for an intravenous drip to be inserted into your arm or hand.

Our expertly trained team will take care of you every step of the way and explain how you can alert us if you have an adverse reaction. Your safety and comfort will always be our highest priority.

How will I feel during and after the procedure?

Patients may experience feelings of a ‘heavy’ arm during the procedure. Other temporary side effects can include a metallic taste and flu-like symptoms for one to two days after the procedure.

Any side effects generally ease over a few days. However, if you have any concerns, please contact your GP.

Do I need a referral for an IV iron infusion?

Yes. If your doctor recommends that you have an intravenous drip, they should provide a referral, which you need to bring to your appointment.

How much will an IV iron infusion cost?

A Registered Nurse will be with you for the entirety of the procedure. The intravenous drip will cost $350 and includes everything for the entire procedure (including Ferinject and all consumables). You will not have to pick up Ferinject from the pharmacy as that is done for you, and you will not have any wait time on arrival or have to repeat lab work already performed by your GP. You are NOT required to have an initial consultation prior to the infusion. However, a valid referral is required. A Medicare rebate is not available on this procedure.

How is Iron deficiency diagnosed?

Your doctor will be able to diagnose this deficiency from simple lab work to check the levels of the ferric mineral in your system. If the results from the blood test show low ferric levels, your GP will investigate the cause.

Iron deficiency can be caused by a low ferric diet, excessive bleeding, or trouble absorbing the essential mineral.

How can I tell if I am anemic?

There are a range of signs and symptoms that may indicate that you are deficient in this essential mineral include fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, feeling lightheaded, fragility, and an accelerated heartbeat. Other signs may include chest pain, accelerated heartbeat, cold hands and feet, brittle nails, inflamed tongue, poor appetite, and dry skin.

If you have any of these symptoms, please visit a medical professional to give you a proper diagnosis and prescribed treatment plan.

How quickly can iron deficiency be corrected?

Unfortunately, iron deficiency cannot be corrected overnight and may take many months to see results from the IV iron infusion. However, with proper treatment and dietary changes your ferric levels will begin to increase.

Can iron deficiency be cured?

Iron deficiency can be treated and managed with proper treatment and care. Depending on the cause and severity of the condition, surgery or IV iron infusion procedures may be required to address the underlying issues of the deficiency.

Other ways to overcome this deficiency is through diet and supplementation as suggested by a healthcare professional.

How can I raise my iron levels fast?

There is no quick way to increase your ferric levels. It is recommended that in addition to doing an IV iron infusion, it is important to follow healthcare advice as suggested by your medical professional, supplements and making dietary changes to further improve your ferric levels.

One way to do this is by eating a diet rich in ferric minerals such as red meat, poultry, pork, beans and seafood. It is also important to add more foods rich in Vitamin C in your diet in order to allow proper absorption of this essential mineral in your system. Examples of food with a high content of Vitamin C include brussel sprouts, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, and bell pepper.

How do you check your iron levels?

Your general practitioner will be able to get some lab work done in order to determine what your ferric levels are. Your overall ferric level is measured through a series of tests. These tests will look at the amount of the ferric mineral in your blood, the amount stored in the body, and the amount of it that is carried through the bloodstream.

If the test results shows up as low, your doctor will diagnose the cause and provide proper treatment, including a blood infusion for low iron.

What is the best treatment for iron deficiency anemia?

The most suitable treatment for anemia will vary based on its severity and cause. Dietary changes and supplementation as recommended by a medical professional will help increase ferric levels. Your GP will provide the suggested medications and refer you to a dietitian to give you the right treatment. For severe cases, IV iron infusion or a surgical procedure such as a bone marrow transplant may also have to be done.

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