Registered nurse giving a patient an iron infusion

Iron infusions: How soon will I notice a difference?

Low iron levels sap your energy, making it hard to keep up with the demands...

What imaging reveals about liver health

Imaging is one of the marvels of modern medicine. It allows doctors to examine the...
Iron infusions Avoiding the stain

Iron infusions: Avoiding the stain

Iron is a crucial mineral for your health and well-being. An iron infusion may help...
Iron deficiency and ferritin levels

Iron deficiency and ferritin levels

If you’re a Friends fan, you may remember an episode from season 2 where Monica...
The impact of Christmas diets on your digestive health

The impact of Christmas diets on your digestive health

Christmas tends to be a time when people overindulge in food and drink. After all...
Patient laying down, face blurred out. Specialist standing over her, as if in the middle of a consultation.

The science behind liver scan technology

When you step back and think about it, scanning is really quite amazing. It lets...
DR NATHAN CONNELLY Mushroom Poisoning

Dr. Nathan Connelly Provides Insights to Herald Sun on Mushroom Poisoning Case

Dr. Nathan Connelly provides insights regarding the mushroom poisoning incident involving the Korumburra pastor...
Effects of ageing on the liver

The effects of ageing on the liver

Age-related changes in your liver may affect how much medication you can take or how...
Medications and digestive system

How medications can affect your digestive system – and what to do about it

Medications can affect your digestive system. Read more about the side effects and ways to...

What are the different types of sugar?

With Febfast 2022 just around the corner, and many participants across Australia planning to cut...

Dr Nathan Connelly On The House of Wellness Radio Show

Our very own Dr Nathan Connelly recently went on The House of Wellness Radio Show...

What Are The First Signs of Liver Damage From Alcohol?

Alcohol abuse is a widespread problem across countries all over the globe. Alcohol abuse is...

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